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Visit from Tongyu Heavy Industry to Caring House before Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

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Visit from Tongyu Heavy Industry to Caring House before Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

       11th of Sept  2019,  for  celebrating  Mid-Autumn  Festival ,  representatives  from   Trade  Union  of   Tongyu  Heavy  Industry  Co., Ltd.  went  to  Caring  House   which  is  located  in  Fangshi  County, Yucheng  to show  the  love  care  and  best  wishes.    
       Representatives  had  a   friendly  communication  and  discussion  with  elders  who  live  in  the  caring  house.  Tongyu  shared  with  them  some  mooncakes and  food  to  wish  them  a  happy   festival.


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Tongyu heavy industry won the "top 100 suppliers in China's petroleum and chemical industry in 2019"
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Outstanding Achievements was made by Tongyu Employees in 7th Yucheng College Cup Employees' Vocational Skills Competition.
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Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., ltd. is listed as "leading (nurturing) enterprises in Shandong high-end equipment manufacturing Industry".
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Tongyu heavy Industry won ten honors of "2018 annual comprehensive assessment of coordinated development"
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