Nordex Energy Delegation Led by VP Global Manufacturing Nacelles Mr Sergio M. Visited Qingdao Baojian, Subsidiary of Tongyu Heavy



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Nordex Energy Delegation Led by VP Global Manufacturing Nacelles Mr Sergio M. Visited Qingdao Baojian, Subsidiary of Tongyu Heavy

On the morning of June 1st, a delegation led by Mr Sergio M., VP Global Manufacturing Nacelles, and Mr Salvador R., Industrial Development Manager of Nordex Energy SE & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "Nordex Company"), visited Qingdao Baojian Technology Engineering Co., Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as "Baojian Company"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, and investigated the production workshop accompanied by Mr Si Jiantao, Vice General Manager of Tongyu and Chairman of Baojian Company, Ms Lydia Fan , Assistant General Manager of Tongyu and Mr Yu Jianfang, General Manager of Baojian Company.

After visiting the workshop, both parties had a friendly communication. Mr. Si Jiantao expressed warm welcome to the visit of Nordex delegation led by Mr Sergio M., and appreciated the great support given by the project team of Nordex during the cooperation. Ms. Lydia Fan, the Ass.GM of the company, and Ms.Duan Fangfang, the business leader of Tongyu, introduced the development of Tongyu and Baojian, the situation of the Nordex project operation and the future cooperation between the both parties in detail.

Mr. Sergio M. highly appreciated and recognized the production management ability, quality control ability, order delivery ability and the idea of the next cooperation of Baojian , and hoped that Baojian would assess the delivery risk in advance according to the demand of Nordex's project, make good production capacity planning and support Nordex in terms of personnel, materials and capital. 

Mr Si Jiantao stated that Nordex Company is a strategic partner of Tongyu Heavy Industry and Baojian Company. Baojian team will continue to improve and enhance our production and management capabilities, fully ensure quality, and complete production tasks as planned. Mr. Si proposed that based on the cooperation potential between both parties, Baojian Company will provide more resources to expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, and work together for common development.

Nordex's relevant management level of Baojian Wind Power Project including Mr Wu Qing, Head of China Manufacturing Nacelle and Mr.Qian Haijun, Operation Project Manager and Mr.Bryce Li, Plant Manager accompanied the visit and discussion.

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