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Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. holds the online presentation meeting of 2020 annual performance

      On the evening of April 12, 2021, the company released its annual report for 2020: in 2020, the company achieved a total operating revenue of 5.688 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.22%, and the revenue has maintained a positive growth for ten consecutive years after listing; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 381 million yuan, up 62.24% year on year. On the afternoon of April 15, the company held an online presentation meeting for the performance of small and medium investors in 2020. The management attending the presentation meeting included Mr. Si Yong, director and general manager of the company, Mr. Tang Jiong, independent director, Mr. Gao Shengye, chief financial officer, Mr. Huang Yihuan, deputy general manager and Secretary of the board of directors, and Ms. Wang Yue, sponsor representative of the company.

      For a long time, the company has always attached great importance to the development of investor relations, and disclosed the 2020 annual report and the 2020 annual report on investor protection. At the annual performance presentation meeting, the company's relevant leaders and guests exchanged views with investors on the company's 2020 business performance, development status and future business planning with a frank and open attitude. Through this timely and effective interactive exchange, the investors' understanding and cognition of the company's development status were enhanced, and more understanding and support were obtained. At the same time, the management also learned a lot of useful information and suggestions.

      In the future, the company will further strengthen the work of investor relations, and strengthen the communication with many domestic and foreign mainstream securities research institutions, investment institutions and the majority of small and medium investors by arranging roadshows, on-site research, remote communication and other forms. The company will continue to optimize the quality of development as the basis, to improve the quality of information disclosure as the core, to transmit more development highlights and investment value to the capital market, and strive to obtain more recognition and support from all shareholders and potential investors.

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