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Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. listed in the list of high quality development award enterprises in 2020

       In order to actively respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, support the high-quality development of key industries, and promote the construction of local high-quality financial resources, the Emergency Support Headquarters for Economic Operation of the Provincial Party Committee issued the Implementation Rules of Provincial High-quality Development Incentive Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Rules), which centers on the five indicators of enterprise economic benefit, scientific and technological innovation, green development, sustainable development and social benefit. The 2020 high-quality development incentive enterprises will be selected, and incremental tax incentive policy will be implemented for the selected enterprises.

       Recently, according to the regulations of the "implementation rules", "top ten" related Industry in Shandong province class names 2020 high quality list of corporate development reward) Heavy Industry Co., ltd. on the list.

       The company will seize the national goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral", vigorously develop the strategic opportunity of clean energy, adhere to the basic policy of "innovation-driven, quality first, green development, structure optimization, talent oriented", continue to do a good job in technical innovation, quality improvement, safety management, energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, actively studied the relevant national industrial policies to help the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

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