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Northwest wind power generation exceeds 100 million

On November 3, the northwest power grid's daily wind power generation exceeded 100 million kWh for the first time, reaching 110 million kWh, and the daily utilization hours (ratio of power generation to installed capacity) reached 10.9 hours, exceeding the net of the day. Hydropower utilization hours.
It is understood that in the Jiuquan wind power base in Gansu, the daily power generation of wind power has exceeded the number of hours of thermal power utilization on that day. The proportion of wind power occupied by the day has reached 1:10, and every 10 degrees of electricity has a clean electricity. Throughout Gansu Province, the proportion of wind power on the day was as high as 1:4. Driven by the strong trend of this green wind, clean renewable energy with hydropower, photovoltaics and wind power as the main force has accounted for nearly one-third of the electricity supply in the northwest, that is, in every three people in the northwest region, One person uses a pollution-free green clean renewable energy source.
In order to achieve the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40%-45% in 2020, the northwest is a strategic energy transmission area in the northwest. In recent years, clean renewable energy has developed rapidly, especially represented by wind power and photovoltaic. The new energy has been developed by leaps and bounds. The world's first tens of thousands of kilowatt-class wind power bases (phase I) and million kilowatts of photovoltaic bases have been completed and put into operation. As of press time, the northwest wind power installed capacity has exceeded 10 million kW. It reached 10.11 million kilowatts, accounting for nearly 10% of the installed capacity of the whole network. The photovoltaic installed capacity exceeded 2 million kilowatts, reaching 2.06 million, accounting for 76% of the total installed capacity of the national grid system. Large-scale wind power and photovoltaic power generation have replaced a considerable part of thermal power generation demand, and energy conservation and emission reduction effects are huge. In the first ten months of this year, northwest wind power generation reached 13.4 billion kWh, and photovoltaic power generation reached 2.1 billion kWh. It is equivalent to saving 5.17 million tons of standard coal and reducing 13.32 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, making a great contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction.

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