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Chairman Mr. Ou Huisheng listened to a report on Tongyu Heavy Industry's business development

       On the morning of April 9, the Chairman Mr. Ou Huisheng and board of directors and board of supervisors of Zhuhai Port Group and Tongyu Heavy Industry listened to the report on the operation and development of Tongyu Heavy Industry. The meeting was held by Mr. Si Yong, the Director and General Manager of Tongyu Heavy Industry. Mr. Si Xingkui, the Vice Chairman of Tongyu Heavy Industry, Mr. Zhen Honglun, Chairman of the board of supervisors and some directors, senior executives and middle-level managers attended the meeting.

       At the first meeting, he listened to the report on the production and operation development, safety and quality management of the first quarter of 2021, which was made by Mr. Liao Mao, Executive Vice General Manager of Tongyu Heavy Industry. In the first quarter of this year, Tongyu Heavy Industry expects to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies between RMB 93.1676-11.8111 million, an increase of 50% to 80% compare with 2020Q1, and a new high performance in the same period. Through solid and effective promotion of four round drive and co development of "production, marketing, quality and safety", Tongyu Heavy Industry has promoted orderly production and ensured steady improvement of product quality. In the second quarter, Tongyu Heavy industry will continue to adhere to the general strategy of "order pulling, production promotion and management interaction", firmly adhere to the red line of safety production, strictly control the quality process management, and vigorously promote the work of reducing cost and efficiency.

       Mr. Shi Aijun, Deputy General Manager of Tongyu Heavy Industry, reported on measures to strengthen the management of subsidiaries and promote the benefit improvement of subsidiaries. In the future, the company will strengthen the management of subsidiaries by strengthening objective management, improving performance appraisal, hierarchical key monitoring and promoting cultural integration, and always take the interests of shareholders as the basis, actively create value and quickly improve the performance of subsidiaries.

       At the meeting, participants communicated and exchanged the current market situation, follow-up order support, lean management promotion, process innovation, cost reduction and efficiency reduction. The general manager of the company analyzed the adverse factors in the first quarter, emphasized that internal management will be strengthened, the objectives will be divided to all management levels, and the pressure will be transmitted to each post, and strive to achieve the second quarter target.

       Mr. Ou pointed out that Tongyu Heavy Industry seized the opportunity of wind power equipment rush in 2020 and achieved a significant growth in performance. In the first quarter of 2021, the performance was high with the overcoming of various adverse factors, which proved that the work of the management team was effective. At the same time, the specific requirements for the operation and development of Tongyu Heavy Industry are put forward: firstly, relying on the support of Zhuhai Port Group, we will firmly do well in market development, cost reduction and efficiency reduction and quality improvement in the important opportunity period of vigorously developing wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy industries, and seize the offshore wind power rush period to ensure the rapid growth of the company's performance. Secondly, increase the management strength of subsidiaries, manage external investment well, and improve the return on net assets and investment return. Meanwhile, under the current cruel market competition pressure, the management of subsidiaries should pay attention to the selection and employment, strengthen the management of talents, quickly establish a quality excellent management team, and actively strengthen the benchmarking with the enterprises in the same industry, fully analyze the competitors in the industry, face up to their own problems, identify the short gap board, and improve the competitiveness of products.

       At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ou asked the company's management to work hard, face the market and make good achievements in the rest of 2021, and make contributions to the development of Tongyu Heavy Industry and the goal of Zhuhai Port Group entering the top 500 China.

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