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Closed cooling tower bidding documents

First, the content of the tender

1. Closed cooling tower
Second, the bidder qualification requirements
1. The bidder shall have the qualification of independent legal person and general taxpayer qualification, and have corresponding qualifications;
2. The bidder shall have the production, construction permit or compulsory certification of the equipment to be tendered (subject to mandatory certification);
3. The bidder shall have a good business reputation and similar performance to the bidding project;
4. Have good bank credit and business reputation, not being ordered to suspend business, property being taken over, frozen, bankrupt;
5. In the past three years, there has been no fraudulent bidding or serious breach of contract, and no major or above quality and safety liability accidents have occurred in the production and maintenance projects;
6. The bidder does not have any major lawsuits that have not yet been settled;
7. Other requirements of relevant laws and regulations for qualified bidders.

Tender ID: TYZB-2018-45 Registration time: 2011.5.23-2018.5.30 Tender time: 2018.5.23
Billing time: 2010.5.31 Project Name: Closed Cooling Tower Announcement Validity: 90 days
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