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Tongyu Heavy Industry's ESG rating has been increased to Class - A!

Recently, Tongyu Heavy Industry upgraded its rating to A in the Wind ESG rating system, ranking 33rd out of 512 industrial machinery companies in terms of comprehensive score, ranking at the forefront of the industry. It is reported that only 6.45% of enterprises in the mechanical industry have an ESG rating of A or above. As a state-owned listed company, the board of directors attaches great importance to ESG work and actively implements the relevant requirements of the Zhuhai State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Zhuhai Port Group for the compilation and disclosure of ESG reports. Mr. Si Yong, the Director and General Manager, personally deployed the work, and Ms. Li Chunmei, the Director, Deputy General Manager, and secretary of the board, coordinated with the securities department to lead various departments and subsidiaries of the company, and closely collaborated with the intermediary agency Shenzhen Value Online, Complete the preparation and disclosure of the 2022 ESG report with high quality, which is also the second consecutive year that the company has disclosed ESG reports, laying a solid foundation for this ESG rating increase.

ESG reports are information disclosure reports on the environment, society, and corporate governance (ESG) of listed companies facing the capital market. They are an important component of non-financial information disclosure for listed companies and an important basis for investors to evaluate non-financial risks and sustainable development potential of enterprises. In recent years, the number of listed companies actively issuing ESG reports has shown a steady upward trend.

The company has a development vision of "committed to creating a green future for humanity", actively practicing its social responsibility of "green, environmental protection, and energy conservation", and creating value for shareholders, employees, and society. The ESG report comprehensively showcases the company's efforts to achieve high-quality development by improving corporate governance, adhering to green development, and fulfilling social responsibilities.

In the future, the company will continue to practice the concept of sustainable development, actively promote the integration of ESG concepts into the company's business development, strengthen corporate social responsibility, continuously improve ESG special governance and risk management capabilities, strengthen ESG and social responsibility information disclosure, enhance investors and stakeholders' confidence in the company's sustainable development, enhance the long-term investment value of the company, and continue to help promote high-quality development of the company.

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