Tongyu heavy industry held a special working meeting on production, operation and management in the second quarter



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Tongyu heavy industry held a special working meeting on production, operation and management in the second quarter

       On July 18th, 2021, Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and it’s 10 subsidiaries organized and held a "special work meeting on production and operation management in the second quarter", comprehensively summarized the business development of each company in the second quarter and the first half of the year, focused on solving the key and difficult problems affecting the development of each company, and put forward specific requirements for completing various tasks and objectives in the third quarter.

       First of all, Hong Haisheng, manager of the enterprise management department of the head office, informed the management measures for performance appraisal and salary incentive of members of the operation and management team of subsidiaries. Then the conferees listened to the completion of production, operation and management indicators and main work progress of each company in the second quarter, comprehensively and objectively analyzed the external market situation and internal management problems since the second quarter, and fully affirmed the effective measures taken by the operation and management team to ensure the sustainable growth of net profit under the condition of multiple adverse factors. The meeting comprehensively, deeply and carefully analyzed the individual and common problems existing in the work of each company, and put forward guiding opinions on the work of each company in the third quarter.

       Gao Shengye, the company's chief financial officer, put forward eight suggestions and requirements around the completion of financial management and main tasks and objectives: first, strengthen the promotion of cost reduction, efficiency increase, revenue increase and expenditure reduction; Second, formulate the company's production and operation plan in strict accordance with the objectives of the three-year plan; Third, complete the semi annual report in strict accordance with the time node specified by the Finance Department of the head office; Fourth, strengthen the centralized management of funds of foreign subsidiaries and improve the efficiency of fund utilization; Fifth, the financial director of the subsidiary company shall improve the station awareness, take the overall situation into account, and report the major matters of the subsidiary company to the head office in time; Sixth, pay close attention to the three indicators of "order", track and strengthen control in time; Seventh, continue to pay attention to the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on production and operation, actively guide international settlement business and avoid exchange rate risk; Eighth, improve the quality and accuracy of report analysis.

       Focusing on the common problems and key and difficult problems existing in the management of each company, Si Yong, the director and general manager of the company, requires each company to continue to work hard on "deep tapping of internal potential, improvement of management, cost reduction and efficiency increase, transformation and upgrading", and focus on safety production management, implementation of objectives and tasks, cost reduction and efficiency increase of all employees, marketing incentive assessment, target performance assessment Quality management improvement, system process construction and human resource management. At the same time, all companies are required to recognize the gap, fill in the shortcomings, and catch up in the third quarter. Senior managers of all companies should take the lead in shouldering heavy burdens, setting an example, further refine indicators, clarify division of labor, implement responsibilities and supervise progress, so as to lay a solid foundation for the realization of annual goals.

       Si Xingkui, vice chairman of the company, pointed out in his speech that the company maintained a sustained improvement in operating efficiency in the second quarter. In the current severe and cruel market situation, the top leaders of all companies are required to summon up the courage to overcome difficulties and challenges, recognize the problems and gaps existing in their own management process, dare to accept their own shortcomings, dare to keep up with their advanced peers, and take making up the shortcomings as the advantage of improvement and promotion. Second, on the premise of ensuring capital safety, production safety and environmental protection safety, expand the output and sales volume, continuously dilute the production and operation cost and improve the profit margin. Third, we should take the problem of execution as the biggest weakness in management, further optimize and improve the system process, strengthen the target responsibility assessment, and improve the work execution. Fourth, on the basis of ensuring the full release of the market share of traditional products and existing production capacity, we should strengthen product upgrading and the development of new products and new markets. Fifth, we should regularly hold development and operation retreat meetings to brainstorm around market development, marketing strategy and product development, and respond to market changes in a timely and effective manner.

       More than 30 senior managers of the company, general managers and financial directors of subsidiaries attended the meeting.

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