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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

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1. Mission: We are here for you and we are your connection to the world


        We adhering to the core concept "all for the customers, for the customer’s all," to provide customers with advanced, efficient and systematic port and shipping logistics services, we commit to realize the national double carbon goals, innovative organization, mode of production and technology to create new energy, port linkage, to achieve value, create value with innovation, to service achievement customers.

        The social value of the company determines that the starting point of all our work must be the customers."You" are the customer, internal and external customers.Customer is the meaning and value of our existence.We exist because of customers and grow together with our customers.

        The significance and value of our existence also lies in realizing the spatial flow of objects and various related elements through industry attributes, creating value in the flow, providing renewable new energy and other clean energy for human beings, and providing the inexhaustible power to create a better life.We with sincere service to change the world, with advanced manufacturing, clean energy to make the landscape better, promote the sustainable development of human society, help customers to achieve with the world business connection, value connection and even cultural connection, work hard, do not idle, and customers to achieve a great dream!

2.Vision: To build an international hub port in South China and a first-class new energy industry cluster in China


        With firm determination, we will promote together, innovate and forge ahead, deeply implement the two-wheel drive strategy, Xijiang-Changjiang River linkage strategy, logistics center strategy and smart green strategy, and realize the following vision by the end of 2025:

        To build Zhuhai Port into an important international port logistics center in south China and an important hub port of the national comprehensive transportation system, Zhuhai Port will accelerate its progress to the fourth generation port.

        To serve the national dual-carbon goal, build a sound and strong new energy core equipment industry chain and large-scale wind and photovoltaic power generation projects, the new energy capital market is of sufficient vitality, realize the strong coordination of equipment manufacturing, power generation and capital, and build a first-class new energy industrial cluster in China.


3.Core values: Innovation creates value, value helps customer succeed.

Innovation creates value

        Focus on the valuable innovation that meets customer needs and improves the company's efficiency and benefits;

        Good at learning, introduction, digestion, absorption, constantly improve the innovation ability, active change, continue to improve organizational efficiency, efficacy and benefits;

        Take concept innovation as the guide, strategic innovation as the direction, organizational innovation as the guarantee, management innovation and technological innovation as the means, and value creation as the goal, and do all our best.

Value helps customers succeed

        Take Customer satisfaction as the center, and continue to create value for customers is the fundamental guidance of our sustainable development, and all the work should focus on creating value for customers;

        Taking value transmission and value appreciation as the work connotation, all the work focuses on meeting the needs of internal and external customers; creating value for customers as the work goal and result orientation, and realizing the value standards and requirements of the enterprise, team and position;

        Drive customer success with great enthusiasm, and then achieve customers through value growth, and drive our growth with customer success.

4.Five main regulations

4.1.We focus on meeting customers' all needs in any possible way

  Pre-service.Research internal and external customer value needs, integrate or participate in the customer value creation link;
  System solution. Based on customer ever changing needs, weconstantly optimize our business procedure and meet our customers’ need and their desire for value growth by offeringsystem solution .
  Value-added services. we deliver our service to realize customers’ value growth and we strive to exceed customer expectations, meet customers needs and win customers respect and trust.
4.2.Performance and contribution is what counts
  Adhere to the value creation orientation, take the benefit and efficiency as the primary standard to test the contribution;
  Advocating the spirit of diligence, we believe in getting things done in the right way and obtaining the maximum output with the minimum input.
  Employees are evaluated by their performance, while their reward is determined bytheir contribution.Bonuses and benefits are skewed towards those with excellence performance. Outstanding contributions will be recognized and rewarded.
4.3.Take responsibility and make a difference
  Having the courage to shoulder responsibilities is the quality and attitude which zhuhai port people should have. Always bear in mind that responsibility is more important than mount Tai,fulfill the jobresponsibilities seriously,try our bestand concentrateon our own job.
  In the face of responsibility, do not avoid, do not shift responsibility, do not dilute;In the face of challenges, dare to act, can act, make a difference.More opportunities and tolerance will be given to those who have the courage to take on responsibilities.
  Be responsible for customers, enterprises, superiors and subordinates, results and yourself.
4.4.Every action is under command
  Understand and grasp the requirements of the superior, and resolutely follow the orders and instructions of the superior.
  Employees are to answer to theirsuperiors and be responsible for subordinates.Forming an implementation system with goal guidance, overall planning and implementation, linkage and coordination, and clear division of labor, which is simple and efficient, we aim at improving the overall competitiveness.
  Scientific decision-making, unified command, smooth implementation of government orders, and guarantee the action.
4.5.Task executionis the key
  Immediate execution of job task or assignment is required.Do not change the established goal at will;
  Once a problem occurs, report, communicate and solve it promptly.
  Results oriented. Complete each task with perfection.No excuses.





The Enterprise Culture of Tongyu

ⅠEnterprise vision
Cultural inheritance, a Century Old Tongyu

Ⅱ Enterprise spirit
Honesty, Innovation, Gratitude

Ⅲ Enterprise core value
Joint Effort, Joint Progress, Common Interest

Ⅳ Company philosophy
1.Management Philosophy:
To advocate for the three-tendency;
To carry out the three-mind,
To achieve three-better and three-high

The tendency of learning,
The tendency of civilization,
The tendency of cooperation

Mind yourself, mind your men, and mind your own business.

Doing is better than saying;
Implementation is better than planning;
Tomorrow will be better than today.

High post efficiency, high company benefit, and high individual income

2. Innovation philosophy:
To inspire new vitality, to span new heights, and to create new achievements

3. Market philosophy:
The requirements from customers are the direction of our continuous effort to improve ourselves, pursue excellence and win brand reputation.

4. Talent philosophy:
People-oriented; Appoint people according to their moral character and ability

5. Safety Philosophy:
Security is the prerequisite of development; Security is the guarantee of employee’s lives.

6. Environmental protection philosophy:
Natural & ecological environment conservation,
Pursue sustainable development

7. Quality philosophy:
Quality first; Continual improvement