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Technical Center

Technical Center

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Through abundant heavy industry co., LTD. "the shandong province large precision pipe die preparation engineering technology research center" in 2003 12 menstrual approved by the shandong province. Since the establishment of the center, with the help of advanced laboratory equipment and excellent research and development team, has developed (- 2600 series ductile cast iron tube mould, 25 mn CNC straightening hydraulic press, large esr ingot and other products, including "big diameter ductile cast iron tube die" through the province by the scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and was named national key new products, shandong province famous brand product, reached the international advanced level, fill a blank in China; Domestic first branch's largest DN1400mm integral forging water-cooling ductile cast iron pipe die in 2009 successfully developed, caused the industry and the competent department of the high attention; "25 mn CNC straightening hydraulic press" declare success in 2004 national torch plan; Large esr ingot was named shandong province scientific and technological progress the third prize.