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Our company has now become the largest production base of MW-class wind power generator shafts, the Asian largest production base for ductile iron cast pipe mould, one of the main large castings and forgings manufacturers in China. The company is able to provide 1-5 class large forgings , castings and key parts for metallurgy, mining, hydroelectric power, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power station, shipbuilding, petroleum chemical industry, heavy machinery, marine engineering, aerospace, mould and other industries. The main products include MW class and above various kinds of wind power generator main shafts, DN50-DN2600mm ductile iron casting pipe moulds, cold work rolls, large support rolls, rotor shafts for large steam turbine and generator, large crank shaft, marine shafting, pressure pipeline, ultra supercritical boiler pipes, pressure vessel forgings, machine tool bed, hub for wind power diesel engine body, large forging blank, ESR ingots and etc. besides we can design and manufacture various general equipment and non-standard equipment and parts.

thermal powe

Main Valve for 600MW Steam Turbine

Heavy Duty Steam Turbine Generator Rotor

Forged Untra-Super Critical Therr-way Valve

P91 Super High Pressure Large Forged T Piece

hydro power

850MW Hydro Turbine Shaft

Water motor shaft

Hydroturbine Heavy Duty Shaft

nuclear power

Nuclear Power Main Pipe


Propeller Shaft

Large Crank Shaft

middle shaft

middle shaft


Main Cylinder for Hydraulic Press

Ring gear

Torsion Shaft

Roller Shaft