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The 6th China International Nuclear Power Industry Equipment Exhibition closed in Beijing a few days ago

The exhibition was organized by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Energy Association, China Electrical Engineering Society, China Power Engineering Society and Beijing Enterprise Development Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
According to reports, this exhibition has attracted many domestic and foreign nuclear power suppliers, equipment manufacturers and investors. More than 500 companies and research institutes from 20 countries and regions around the world participated in the exhibition, which comprehensively demonstrated the nuclear power equipment manufacturing and The latest technologies and equipment in nuclear power technology applications.
In the speech, Zhai Xiangjing, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Electrotechnical Society, said that China is the world's largest carbon emitter, the largest developing country and the second largest economy. The contradiction between environmental governance and energy shortage is becoming increasingly prominent. Vigorously developing nuclear power is one of the important strategies for sustainable development in China.
He introduced that the "Twelfth Five-Year National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan" issued by China has made the following statement on the next phase of nuclear power industry technology development: strengthening nuclear power safety, nuclear fuel reprocessing and waste disposal technology research, in order to ensure safety Next, develop the second-generation nuclear power safety operation technology and life extension technology, accelerate the digestion, absorption and innovation of the third generation nuclear power technology, and coordinate the development of the third generation nuclear power.
Michel Moin鄄er, vice chairman of the French-Chinese Electric Power Association, said in his speech that China's nuclear power market demand is the largest in the world, and the world needs China to make greater contributions in the field of nuclear power and nuclear safety. Since the nuclear power equipment exhibition in September last year, the Chinese government and the French government have made in-depth research on the development of the third generation of nuclear power technology. He introduced that the French Electric Power Association is a corporate association composed of French SME nuclear power equipment suppliers. The members of the French-Chinese Electric Power Association have now reached 82 members, all of whom are experienced manufacturers in the field of nuclear power.
He stressed that the restart of nuclear power projects depends on whether we can meet new requirements in nuclear safety. For nuclear power equipment manufacturers, equipment identification will be a top priority for future work.
The exhibition will cover nuclear islands, conventional islands, waste treatment, power transmission and distribution equipment and technology. In the same period, the China Nuclear Power Equipment Localization Development Forum was held. Leaders and experts from China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, China Academy of Engineering, National Nuclear Power Corporation, etc. exchanged and communicated on the future development direction of China's nuclear power and the opportunities and challenges faced by China's nuclear power development in the post-Fukushima era.

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