Si Yong, director and general manager of Tongyu heavy industry, led the team to Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute to investigate and guidance



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Si Yong, director and general manager of Tongyu heavy industry, led the team to Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute to investigate and guidance

      On May 31, 2021, Si Yong, director and general manager of Tongyu Heavy Industry, led a team to the wholly-owned subsidiary Jinan Metallurgical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance. General manager Si Yong and his team first came to the production workshop for on-site investigation. Li Gang, the executive general manager of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute, reported in detail the current progress of the company's key project construction, lean management implementation effects, and the development of key products.

      Subsequently, the research group and the leading group members of Jinan Institute of metallurgical technology held a production and operation management forum. The person in charge of Jinan Metallurgical Science and Technology Institute respectively reported on the work task deployment of the research forum in March, the implementation of the supervision items of the first quarter meeting, the completion of production and operation indicators, the effect of technical quality work and the progress of project construction.

      Li Gang, executive general manager of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute, comprehensively and objectively summarized and analyzed the highlights and existing problems in the current work, and reported on the division and deployment of the next important work, such as market planning, capacity improvement, technology improvement and quality improvement. Li Gang stressed that solid, meticulous and effective basic management work is an important basis for carrying out all kinds of work. We should be willing to find problems, dare to expose problems, be good at solving problems, pay close attention to implementation and continuous innovation, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of Metallurgical Research Institute, so as to achieve the annual plan goals. 

      Huang Yihuan, deputy general manager and Secretary of the board of directors of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., pointed out: every time I come to Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute for investigation, I can see new progress and new changes. I feel that the leading group of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute has clear goals, clear ideas and firm confidence, leading the company in a good momentum of rise.In the next step of work, first, we should learn from and communicate with excellent enterprises in cemented carbide industry, find out the gap, improve ourselves and make up for the shortcomings; Second, it is necessary to improve the quality competitiveness of main products such as top hammer and traditional bar, consolidate the basic plate, and increase the development of new products with high technology and high added value; Third, in the fierce market competition, we should firmly establish the customer-centered concept, implement it in every link of the assessment system, and strengthen the timeliness and effectiveness of the assessment, so as to promote the realization of the annual planning objectives. ​

      Gao Shengye, the chief financial officer of Tongyu heavy industry, puts forward six requirements and hopes in combination with the development status of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute: first, increase market development efforts, innovate and reform incentive mechanism, rely on orders pull to ensure full production tasks, and strive to achieve the three-year planning objectives; Second, continue to promote 7S lean production in a down-to-earth and orderly manner, strengthen quality management, and improve the pass rate of one-time inspection; Third, strengthen the management and control of business indicators and dynamically track the improvement of assessment indicators; Fourth, strengthen the management of accounts receivable and inventory, speed up capital turnover and inventory turnover, and ensure the safety and stability of the capital chain; Fifth, we should pay attention to the exchange risk brought by the appreciation of RMB and effectively deal with the challenge of product export risk; Sixth, strengthen new product R & D innovation and market development, improve product added value, and form a new profit growth point of the company.

      General Manager Si Yong pointed out that through recent visits to Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute, I can see changes and progress every time. This fully shows that "attitude determines everything". As long as there is a good attitude, everything is good.In particular, the role of grass-roots managers can not be ignored, what kind of thoughts and ideas employees have, the monitor and group leader is the most clear, the implementation of the system they can play the most role. This requires Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute to really carry out the lean basic management work, adhere to the combination of form innovation and content enrichment, start from changing the habits of employees, and ensure the company to develop in a good direction. ​

      General manager Si Yong stressed that Jinan Institute of metallurgy and technology is in the most difficult period at present. We should not wear new shoes and follow the old way. We should not "beat around the Bush" in the face of problems, not "give up" in the face of difficulties and not "cover the lid" in the face of contradictions. We should dare to face difficulties and go up to them and "think ahead", "rush ahead" and "work ahead" in everything. In the face of goals and challenges, we should not change our attitude, reduce our determination and relax our standards. We should neither avoid difficulties and contradictions, nor shirk our responsibilities. We should make new achievements through new leadership, new management ideas and new working methods.

      Wang Longfei, manager of Finance Department of Tongyu heavy industry, Hong Haisheng, manager of enterprise management department, and members of senior management team of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute attended the forum.


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