Tian Weidong, Secretary of Dezhou Municipal Committee, and his party visited Tongyu Heavy Industry for research and guidance



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Tian Weidong, Secretary of Dezhou Municipal Committee, and his party visited Tongyu Heavy Industry for research and guidance

      On the morning of May 2, 2021, Tian Weidong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Dezhou, accompanied by Teng Haiqiang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Yucheng, and Su Lanwu, Mayor of Yucheng, visited the company to investigate and guide the production and operation situation. Si Xingkui, Vice Chairman of the company, Shi Aijun, Zhang Jisen, and Liu Zhiqing, Vice General Manager of the company, accompanied the research group.

      The research group visited the production site of the company's green energy equipment workshop, forging plant, the first plant of heavy equipment, and the second plant of heavy equipment. In the production line, Tian Weidong, secretary of the company, expressed his condolences to the front-line workers who are still working during Labor Day and urged the comrades in charge of the workshop to grasp the production at the same time, to fully grasp the work of safety production, so that safety and production can proceed smoothly. Si Xingkui, vice chairman of the company, introduced the workshop production, enterprise operation, and project construction respectively.

      Secretary Tian Weidong fully affirmed the development achievements of the company in recent years and hoped that the company would firmly grasp the important development opportunity of national wind power and new energy industry, further extend and expand the industrial chain, continuously develop and expand the industrial scale, and make positive contributions to the national " achieving peak carbon emissions " and "carbon neutrality" development goals. At the same time, it was stressed that, as a leading enterprise in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing in our province, Tong Yu Heavy Industry should fully take advantage of the development opportunity of the conversion of new and old dynamic energy in our province, further emancipate the mind, pioneer innovation, continue to increase research and development innovation, continuously promote industrial upgrading, actively play the advantages and influence in the field of wind power equipment manufacturing, and attract more excellent enterprises in the field of wind power to settle in Dezhou through various forms of cooperation mode.

      Si Xingkui, vice chairman of the company, pointed out that since the cooperation with Zhuhai Port Group in September last year, the company has been optimizing its development in terms of operation and management, cost control, and capital guarantee, etc. In the future, the company will fully take advantage of Zhuhai Port Group's resources to further strengthen the development foundation, accelerate the pace of development and make greater contributions to the local economic and social development.

      Dezhou Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Secretary-General Zhang Anmin, Deputy Secretary-General, Office Director Gao Jigang, Deputy Secretary-General Song Dianbin, Party Secretary of Dezhou Development and Reform Commission, Director Wang Dashan, and other leaders accompanied the visit and research.

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