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Tongyu Heavy Industry is included in Global index giant "FTSE Russell Index"

       Recently, FTSE Russell, the global second largest index provider, has today announced the results of the FTSE China Index Series quarterly review for February March 2021. According to the announcement, its flagship index FTSE Global Equity Index Series (hereinafter referred to as "FTSE GEIS") has added 129 A-share targets in total, including 27 A-share gem targets. Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is listed and included in the international index!
       FTSE Russell is a wholly owned subsidiary of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), and the second largest index service provider in the world. Its flagship index GEIS covers more than 7000 securities in 48 countries. According to relevant reports, FTSE GEIS index products have attracted more than US$1.5trillion of tracking funds in the world. A-share stocks selected into the index system will appear in the international market for FTSE Russell global stock index fund and various international funds that track the FTSE Russell A-Share Index to screen and invest, which means the included companies will get opportunities to enhance liquidity and the investor structure is expected to be optimized.
        This time the selection of the Company to FTSE GEIS reflects that under the national strategy of vigorously promoting new energy, Tongyu heavy industry, as a leading enterprise of new energy equipment manufacturing integrated platform and wind turbine shaft products, is getting further attention from international market institutions. In August 2020, the company embarked on a new starting point for the rapid development of Zhuhai Port Holdings Group and officially became a state-controlled listed company. Under the correct leadership of the board of directors and board of supervisors, the general management team led all the staff to withstand a series of unprecedented tests caused by COVID-19. According to the company's 2020 annual performance forecast, the company expects to achieve a year-on-year increase of 45.00% to 75.00% in net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, and hand over a beautiful report card to all shareholders. In February 2021, after the company successfully completed the private placement to Zhuhai Port Holdings Group, it significantly optimized the capital structure, consolidated the controlling position of state-owned shareholders, and won more favorable credit support and development prospects for the company in the national new energy strategy in the future.
        This FTSE GEIS selection fully reflects the international capital market high recognition of Tongyu heavy industry in the aspects of corporate governance, information disclosure, main business performance and future sustainable development. Under the background of accelerating the reform of the capital market registration system in China, international investors have become an important force in the A-share market. Tongyu heavy industry will further strengthen the work of investor relations, and strengthen the communication with mainstream securities research institutions and investment institutions at home and abroad by arranging roadshows, on-site research, remote communication and other forms. The company will continue to optimize the quality of development as the basis, to improve the quality of information disclosure as the core, to transmit more development highlights and investment value to the capital market, and strive to obtain more recognition and support from all shareholders and potential investors.

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