Chairman Mr. Ou Huisheng led the team to conduct safety inspection on the production site of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co, Ltd



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Chairman Mr. Ou Huisheng led the team to conduct safety inspection on the production site of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co, Ltd

       On the morning of April 9th, Mr.Ou Huisheng, the Chairman of ZPH and Tongyu Heavy Industry, and his party went to the main production plant of Tongyu Heavy Industry Park to conduct on-site investigation and safety production inspection. 
       Accompanied by Mr.Si Yong, G.M. of Tongyu Heavy Industry, Chairman Ou Huisheng and his party conducted safety inspection and guidance on construction project, Baoli Foundry, Forging plant and Heavy Equipment machining plant, and inquired daily safety management to responsible person of the plants.

       The Group leaders first inspected construction project about  progress and management in detail, entrusted project site staff to strengthen safety management, control construction quality strictly, build high-quality projects and ensure early production. 
       At the production site of Baoli Casting, Mr. Liang Jifeng, Vice G.M. of Tongyu and G.M. of Baoli Casting, introduced in details about production capacity, product research and development, safety management and the large-scale Wind power casting being manufacturing. This year, Baoli Foundry will firmly grasp the opportunity period of offshore wind power assembly and manufacture advantage in large-scale wind power castings, strive for greater success. 
       Beside to the 12000ton press in Forging plant, the Group leaders  learned about the press in details including operation, forging industry development and reduce costs, elevate product competitiveness.

       In heavy equipment machining plant, Group leaders affirmed achievement of 7S site management, ask further strengthen management of site, create a clean, standardized, orderly environment, provide effective guarantee for further improving quality of worker, improving production efficiency and reducing potential safety hazards.

       Mr. Ou emphasized Tongyu Heavy as a Heavy Industry enterprise, has much higher safety risks on the site than other type enterprises, should always adhere National safety policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment". Safety production is systematic project, must be based on clear responsibilities and guaranteed by serious discipline. It is necessary to keep working tone of "high, tight and strict" at all times, strictly implement main responsibility of enterprise safety, ensure safety implementation, guarantee personal safety, ultimately promote healthy and safe development of enterprise, make good enterprise with social responsibility. 
       Zhen Honglun, Chairman of Supervisors Board of Tongyu Heavy Industry, Directors Zhou Juan, Huang Wenfeng and Li Chunmei, Independent Director Tang Jiong, Vice G.M. Zhang Jisen, Liang Jifeng and Liu Zhiqing, CFO Gao Shengye, Asst. G.M. and Chief Safety Officer Jiao Lianliang and Deputy Director of Group Administration Center attended the above activities.


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