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Mr. Si Yong, the Managing Director of Tongyu Heavy Industry, led the team to JIMS for investigation and guidance

       On March 24th, 2011, Mr. Si Yong, director and general manager of Tonyu Heavy Industries visited jinan metallurgical research institute co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, to conduct research and guidance. The general manager and his party first came to the production workshop of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute for field research, and listened carefully to the detailed report of Li Gang, the executive general manager of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute, on the current production process, implementation progress of lean management, 7S site management and progress of key products.

       After the field investigation, the research group held a meeting with the leadership of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute. Li Gang reported in detail the operating situation of the first quarter of 2021, the company's development plan, existing problems and deficiencies, etc. Yao Mengcheng, Quality Director of Metallurgy Research Institute, made a detailed report on the quality improvement plan, as well as the plan and incentive measures of "8D Quality Tackle". After the report, all the participants had a full discussion on the production and operation situation of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute, measures for future development, measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency, corporate culture integration, and incentive plan for quality problems.     

       At the meeting, the research group conveyed the instruction spirit of the expanded meeting of the board of directors and the leadership of Tongyu Heavy Industry, requiring all subsidiaries to exert self-pressure and take the initiative to always safeguard the interests of shareholders, actively create value and improve the return on equity of the company. The parent company will also gradually strengthen the management of subsidiaries, strengthen target control and incentive assessment, and take the company's performance as the yardstick to measure the value of managers. According to the requirements of the meeting, in the specific work of the management team of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute, the first thing is to sort out the weak links of internal management as soon as possible, strengthen the foundation and control risks, improve quality by standardizing, seek benefits from management, and constantly optimize and improve the management level; Second, we should focus on improving the turnover rate of main assets such as inventory and accounts receivable, and improve the level of return on equity. Thirdly, we should analyze and formulate the company's plan for the next three years, refine the indicators, assign responsibilities to people, and put measures in place, and ensure the realization of various indicators through assessment and incentive. Fourth, accelerate the integration with the corporate culture of the head office and Zhuhai Port Group to stimulate the vitality of the development of the company.

       Si Yong pointed out that the operating conditions of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute have been significantly changed, and certain results have been achieved in production site management, lean management, and 7S management promotion.In the future work, every worker should "Grasp the goal firmly, the responsibility to be true, the inspector to be strict, and the assessment to be careful", when dealing with work,carry out the work to, we must "take steady steps, make big strides, one step early, and half a step high", with high standards and strict requirements,from "discipline, unity and practical work" three aspects to strengthen the team management , and do a solid job in production and operation management to ensure the rapid improvement of the company's performance.
       At the end of the meeting, Li Gang stated that the management team of Jinan Metallurgical Science and Technology Institute will take this meeting as an opportunity to unite sincerely, make persistent efforts, implement all tasks with the determination and mentality of the second entrepreneurship, and complete the goals set by the company with 100% efforts, and make more contributions to the development of Tongyu and Zhuhai port group. 
       Chief financial director of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Gao Shengye, deputy general manager and Secretary of the board of directors Huang Yihuan ,manager of financial department Wang Longfei, manager of enterprise management department Hong Haisheng, executive deputy general manager of Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute Lu Yihua,  deputy general manager of sales Wu TiZhen, chief financial officer Li Yongjing and other relevant management team members attended the meeting.

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