Mr. Si Yong, the Managing Director of Tongyu Heavy Industry, led the team to Changzhou Haijie company for investigation and guidance



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Mr. Si Yong, the Managing Director of Tongyu Heavy Industry, led the team to Changzhou Haijie company for investigation and guidance

       On March 19th, 2021, Si Yong, director and general manager of Tongyu Heavy Industry, led a team to Changzhou Haijie Metallurgical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to conduct research and guidance. The Team first came to the production workshop of Haijie Company for on-site investigation, and Liu Yuhai, general manager of Haijie Company, gave a detailed introduction to the company's current production process, projects in process and project progress.

       Subsequently, the research team and the Haijie company’s leadership team held a meeting in the meeting room on the second floor of the company. At the meeting, the research team conveyed the spirit of the Tongyu Heavy Industry Board of Directors and the leadership team’s expanded meeting instructions, requiring that from this year onwards gradually increase the management of subsidiaries, strengthen target control and incentive assessment, and continuously improve the company's performance. Liu Yuhai, general manager of Haijie Company, reported in detail the current production and operation of Haijie. After the report, all the participants had a thorough discussion on the current production and operation status of Haijie Company, external market situation, capacity improvement space, cost reduction and efficiency improvement measures, safety and environmental protection requirements, corporate culture integration, internal management division of labor, etc. 


       Focusing on the difficult issues reflected in the discussion, General manager Si Yong pointed out: The head office will actively help Haijie Company to relieve its dangers and fully support the development of Haijie Company. At the same time, Haijie’s management team is required to actively promote the integration of corporate culture and establish and improve various regulations. System, standardize enterprise management with system, and stimulate enterprise vitality with assessment. At the same time, we must do the "four persistences and four preventions" without compromise, that is, adhere to the overall situation and prevent standardism; adhere to system principles to prevent good humanism; adhere to seeking truth and pragmatism to prevent formalism; adhere to compliance with regulations To prevent bureaucracy. In the specific work, it is necessary to continuously strengthen communication with the head office, exchange information, learn from each other, further sort out the division of management, clarify job responsibilities, and do a solid job in improving production capacity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and improving internal management. Do a good job of safety and environmental protection, work together, overcome difficulties, and effectively decompose and implement various business indicators in place to ensure the improvement of annual benefits.

       At the same time, the meeting requested that the management team of Haijie Company must always maintain a sense of crisis, urgency and responsibility, be burdened and proactive, fully safeguard the interests of the company's shareholders, and actively create greater value. At the same time, we must carefully plan the company's next three-year plan, target and position benchmarking companies, identify gaps, make up for shortcomings, continuously enhance core competitiveness, increase the company's return on net assets, and make more contributions to the development of Tongyu and the group company.
       At the end of the meeting, Liu Yuhai stated on behalf of the Haijie management team that he will strictly follow the instructions of the company’s board of directors and the leadership team to expand the meeting, and lead the management team to practice hard work and work hard to improve the overall efficiency of Haijie as soon as possible, and give a satisfactory answer sheet to the company’s board of directors and shareholders. 
       Gao Shengye, Chief Financial Officer of Tongyu Heavy Industry, Huang Yihuan, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors, Wang Longfei, Manager of Finance Department, Hong Haisheng, Manager of Enterprise Management Department, Pan Wenjun, Executive Vice President of Haijie Company, and Chen Song, Manager of Production Department and Manager of Enterprise Management Department, attended the discussion.

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