[3.15 theme education on investor protection] illegal stock recommendation: the unlicensed personnel of licensed institutions to mislead investors



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[3.15 theme education on investor protection] illegal stock recommendation: the unlicensed personnel of licensed institutions to mislead investors

       Last year, this newspaper published an article entitled "The replay network "Stock god" recommended stock routine: go on the scamp and dark production is looming", revealing the illegal recommendation of shares behind the dark industry chain.Recently, "Securities Daily" reporter found that the black industry chain related to the introduction of stock is still threatening the financial security of investors.In addition, some licensed investment advisory bodies are also trying to "play tricks" on investors - Non-investment consulting practitioners of licensed institutions try to "graft the flower of one tree onto another", claiming to be "licensed on duty".Because of its "seeming compliance", it is very deceptive to ordinary investors.

Black industry still exists behind illegal referral shares
       Although the strong supervision of the stock market black mouth and illegal recommended shares has ben continued, some investor are still looking forward to illegal recommended and the self-proclaimed"inside information", which gives the illegal recommended shares "survival space"
       Recently, a company known as a mature team customer service staff frequently to the reporter message,except for a daily question: How's the stock on hand today?Also often "enthusiastic" to remind reporters,"Recent stock market operation is difficult, it is difficult to make money on your own,you can earn the money with the teacher".When the reporter asked how he could follow the "teacher","Only 500 yuan a month membership fee can enter the VIP group, there are currently 400, 500 investors working with us.After the payment, 'teacher'  will recommend two to three 'good stocks' to you." every trading day basically.

       When the reporter asked "if it can guarantee income after payment", the above-mentioned customer service staff "oral commitment" - "Part of our recommended stock is a ticket to work with travel funds,part of it was the tickets the "teacher" bought through many years of stock speculation experience summed up by the stock selection method,at least 30% of the total cost benefits to the paying customer".Previously, the reporter once mentioned in the "the replay network "Stock god" recommended stock routine: go on the scamp and dark production is looming",the black industrial chain behind illegal referral shares is in disarray.It is roughly: travel capital disclosure information to the recommended stock platform--travel capital hits the list--the recommended stock company to prove their professional ability accordingly--After the investors enter the pit collective to open their positions, the profits of the floating capital flee.Today, it seems that the black industry behind illegal referral shares still exists.

       Subsequently, the reporter asked "teacher" whether there is a relevant qualification certificate and what qualifications the company has, customer service staff only keep silent about major charges while admitting minor ones, "as long as the teacher can take you to make money." If you are not sure, after the fee is transferred, we can send the company's business license to you.

       In this regard, Zhu Yiyi in Guo Hao(Shanghai) law office  suggested, "to engage in securities and futures investment advisory business, that is, to recommend shares to investors, must obtain the business license of the CSRC.According to the new securities law, it's not permitted to recommended to investors if there is no relevant securities qualification certificate available."

Seemingly fully documented, the trick is hidden

       Compared to the above-mentioned companies "fake obvious",another institutional referral unit looks much more "formal".Reporters in the search engine with the keyword "stock measurement" after the search,hundreds of online stock-measuring platforms "jumped" out.Reporters note that if you want to receive the "diagnosis results", it is required to fill in your own mobile phone number in the above-mentioned stock platform,
but when the reporter followed the prompt operation, the result is not "diagnosis", but an advisory agency investment assistant phone.

       After asking to add the WeChat of the reporter,the investment assistant do the brainwashing marketing to the reporter.Its behavior is roughly three steps:first, with what appears to be a "professional" "background",gain the trust of investors.In order to display professional,before the investment assistant introduced himself, he sent a screenshot marked "China Securities Association" and "Registration Basic Information",show that their institution is qualified for investment consulting,he is also working with a certificate,and "passionately" said: "I hope I can help you on the stock investment in the future".Reporters note that the screenshot also has the name of the investment assistant, practice institutions, practice positions (general securities business), registration number, registration date, education (college) and other information,but then the reporter search the China Securities Association official website and found that,the practice certificates of securities practitioners include general securities business, securities brokers, securities brokerage business marketing, investment sponsors, securities investment advisory business (investment advisory), securities investment consulting business (analyst), securities investment consulting business (other) and sponsor representatives, etc.that is to say, the above investment assistant is not eligible to recommend shares,but he insists that "I can be consulted about equity investments".In addition, whether applying to engage in securities investment consulting business (other), or securities investment advisory business (investment advisory), securities investment consulting business (analyst) need a bachelor's degree or above, and the above investment assistant is only a college degree, obviously on the qualifications of the "graft the flower of one tree onto another."

       Subsequently, the investment assistant sent the words "share price shock" "every high and low position" and other words of "individual stock diagnosis." to reporter.Look at the reporter did not explicitly disgust, the investment assistant "take advantage of the pursuit" began to ask reporters into the market time and profit and loss status, whether they have any knowledge of the formal institutions recommended stocks, and then their institutions' business license, institutional profile (and attached to the relevant links), China Securities Association on the investment consulting company information publicity screenshots and small video of the office environment sent to reporters, to support their own statements.

       Second, use the ability of the agency's chief strategist ("teacher") to brainwash investors.To demonstrate their investment ability, the investment assistant will send the analysis of the stock market short video or live link from "teacher" to "reporters around 7 p.m. every day, so that investors "free learning";Around 8 o'clock, will recommend a stock to reporters, claiming to be the same day the research department "teacher" recommended the "short-term high-quality standard", so that investors pay attention to and by the way to verify its strength, but will tell reporters, "do not chase high, morning rush high to sell";The next day, near the opening,send to the reporter "Financial Morning Post" and recommend 2 "free target";half an hour to an hour after opening,emphasizing that the individual stocks that got the reporter's attention last night rose to their expected target,later there will be a good stock recommendation with a valuation (increase) space of 8%,if you're interested in it,pay a service fee of 2999 yuan/1 month or 3999 yuan/3 months to "arrange".In addition, the reporter continued to observe found that the so-called "short-term high-quality target" is basically the next day on the opening of a word up or down or big stocks, but the third day and later in the trading day often fell significantly;

       Finally, under the hypothesis of limited-time concessions, investors are urged to pay the service charge.See the reporter for many days refused to pay, customer service "psychological warfare" to emphasize the "time limit." Investment assistant stressed to reporters, "The Lantern Festival has concessions, the original price of 2999 yuan / 1 month service fee, February 26 can enjoy a three-month service period and then give away an additional month, that is, 2999 yuan / 4 months." The service includes analysis of the forecast market, recommended stocks (2 or so per day, 10 o'clock and 2:30 each) and guided buying and selling points, and can help you unwrip and so on." In addition, the investment assistant also sent to reporters some "customer signing" screenshots,and repeatedly stressed that,"The company specializes in securities investment consulting for 24 years, the cumulative cooperation of nearly a million customers." When the reporter asked "if the income can be written into the contract after payment",the investment assistant said,"Guaranteed returns are illegal, but we recommend a success rate of around 70-80 per cent for stocks."

       In addition to the company's recommendation shares, institutional recommendation shares, there are individual recommendation shares.After the Spring Festival, a number of people claimed to have worked in securities companies before, and now professional stock market group friends apply to add reporters as QQ friends.One of the "professional stock speculators" put forward, "I can recommend to you every day a good stock, you transfer 300yuan to me after your profit about 5%, a vote a knot, do not have to worry about false",Look at the reporter for a long time did not reply, the "professional stock speculators" immediately reduced prices, put forward "now recommend to you a good stock and you buy first, transfer 100yuan to me if make money"
       Zhu Yiyi tips that investment in the stock market is risky, illegal recommended stock institutions and individuals can not ensure that investors eventually have income, they are engaged in fee recommendation behavior is also non-compliant.

     Besides,paradoxically,when a reporter enters the name of the agency where the investment assistant work for on the search engine and understand,several "activists" were found to have filed complaints against the agency.But at the end of some of the complaints, it fell on "I met an 'rights commissioner' through an online friend introduction, and recovered the loss in just one week through the protection of rights, so that if you have a similar experience, find the  'rights commissioner'immediately." At the end of the text, the contact information of the so-called "Defenders Commissioner" is attached,judging from the writing,Suspected"blade runner sting"

Regulation should remain "zero tolerance"
        According to the latest data from China Securities Registration and Settlement Co., Ltd., the number of new investors in Shanghai and Shenzhen in January 2021 was 2.0943 million, up 161.57% year-on-year. As of the end of January 2021, the number of investors at the end of the year in Shanghai and Shenzhen was 179.8692 million, up 12.03% year-on-year. In other words, "investment white" is growing rapidly.
       New investors are accelerating into the market, what are the hidden dangers to the legitimate rights and interests of investors and the healthy development of the capital market that new investors are accelerating into illegal recommended shares? Zhu Yiyi thinks, will seriously damage the interests of investors and their confidence to the capital market,harm the construction of the integrity system of the capital market,and will increase the capital market investment risk,disrupt the order of the capital market.


       Talking about how to put an end to related illegal activities and maintain the order of the capital market,Zhu Yiyi said,regulation should continue to maintain a "zero tolerance" attitude,and in accordance with the new securities law and other laws and regulations,strictly、severely and quickly investigate the responsibility of relevant illegal institutions and personnel.The CSRC should include the supervision of the illegal stock recommendation platform into the scope of normal supervision, eliminate illegal securities and futures activities such as illegal stock recommendations from the source,maintaining the order of the capital market,to avoid unsuperulated illegal stock recommendation business impact on the capital market trading order, harm the rights and interests of investors.In addition, we should give full play to the power of the masses at the source, increase the amount of rewards for whistleblowers, and encourage investors to report.At the same time, investors should also pay timely attention to the risk warnings by the regulatory level issued,screening illegal referral platform,and choose formal institutions, channels and formal practitioners when investing,strengthen the awareness of prevention, so as not to be deceived.(Source: Securities Daily).

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