Ten years of hard work, never forget the original intention and start again-- Warmly celebrate the 10th anniversary of the listing of Tongyu heavy industry



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Ten years of hard work, never forget the original intention and start again-- Warmly celebrate the 10th anniversary of the listing of Tongyu heavy industry

       On March 8th, 2021, Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (here inafter referred to as "the company") ushered in the 10th anniversary of its listing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Ten years of honing and creating brilliance, the company's operating revenue has achieved positive growth for ten consecutive years, and it is expected to achieve an operating revenue of 5.693 billion yuan in 2020, which is five times of the year before listing; serving the local government and giving back to shareholders, the company has achieved a cumulative net profit of 1.789 billion yuan belonging to the shareholders of the parent company, a cumulative cash dividend of 854 million yuan to shareholders, and a cumulative tax payment of more than 1.7 billion yuan , Top enterprises in Dezhou. After stepping on the new starting point of rapid development of Zhuhai port group holding in 2020, the company focuses on the advanced manufacturing of new energy equipment, and has developed into a large state-owned holding listed company with assets and market value exceeding 10 billion.

Start from scratch, ring the bell for Shenzhen market

       Yucheng City is located in the northwest of Shandong Province, in the middle reaches of Tuhai River. Because Dayu controlled the flood, Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty took the meaning of "Yuxi old city in the south of the city". In 1991, in Fangsi town of Yucheng City, five people, led by the founder Mr. Si Xingkui, founded the company's predecessor "Yucheng general machine factory". Relying on the only 3150 ton press and the strong fighting spirit of "shoulder to shoulder and hand to carry",Tongyu started its pioneering journey.

       With the years of passion and enthusiasm, the company's development is booming, and the pace of system reform and innovation is also sonorous and powerful. In 2001, the company was approved to restructure from a township enterprise into a private enterprise, and subsequently introduced Luxin venture capital, a provincial industrial strategic investor in Shandong Province. In July 2010, the 10000 ton press was successfully tested, and the forging capacity of the company leaped to the forefront in China, promoting the market share of wind turbine spindle and pipe mold products. On March 8th, 2011, Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. officially landed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first GEM listed company in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, ushering in a new era of development!

Industry oriented, capital oriented

       The IPO of the company successfully raised 2.250 billion yuan. After standing on the stage of the capital market, the company has never forgotten the original intention of "striving to create a green future for mankind". It has always followed the national policy orientation and the upgrading of market demand, and focused on making the new energy equipment entity manufacturing industry bigger and stronger. In the past ten years, the company has given full play to the function of combining industry and finance of the listing platform, and directly raised 4.338 billion yuan through the multi-level capital market, Among them, equity refinancing of 2.348 billion yuan greatly helped the company to develop and upgrade from a single forging product manufacturing to a complete manufacturing chain integrating "smelting / electroslag remelting, casting / forging / welding, heat treatment, machining, design and manufacturing of large complete sets of equipment, coating", which can be used for clean energy (wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, etc.), petrochemical, shipbuilding, marine equipment, metallurgy, etc , aerospace, military and other industries provide core parts for high-end equipment. It is estimated that in 2020, the company will sell 142900 tons of wind turbine spindles, with a year-on-year growth of 55.91%, consolidating its leading position in the industry; it will sell 125400 tons of wind turbine castings, with a year-on-year growth of 101.48%, ranking among the main suppliers of domestic wind turbine castings.

Green future, Centennial Tongyu

       Recently, China's government work report in 2021 clearly put forward "do a solid job in carbon peak and carbon neutralization". Formulate the action plan for reaching the peak of carbon emissions by 2030. Optimize the industrial structure and energy structure. Promote the clean and efficient utilization of coal and vigorously develop new energy.... " As an important utilization form of clean energy, wind power is in a critical period of transformation from alternative energy to the main energy structure, and the prosperity of the industry is expected to continue to improve in the future.

       In March 2021, the shares issued by the company to specific objects were successfully listed, and the shareholding ratio of Zhuhai port group, the controlling shareholder of the company, has increased to 20.34%; FTSE, the world's second largest international index compilation company, has successfully listed The FTSE global stock index series of Russell's flagship index includes Tongyu heavy industry and Morgan Stanley new energy analyst research company, which reflects the forward-looking strategic vision of state-owned capital and international institutions on the company's sustainable development ability in the new energy equipment manufacturing industry.

        When designing the company's brand logo in those years, Tongyu people used three main colors of "green, blue and orange". The green base represents the constant focus on the new energy industry, and the blue pattern is like a "V" shaped industrial anvil, representing a solid and solid entity industry; The orange pattern symbolizes "rising sun", which is the unremitting pursuit of all Tongyu people for "human green future" and "Centennial Tongyu dream"!

        We will always grasp the "ten years of new energy gold" that the implementation of the national 2030 carbon peak strategy will bring. We will fully utilize the multi-level capital market resources under the registration system, make full use of the advantages of the company's comprehensive R & D and manufacturing platform for new energy equipment, and continue to promote the green energy equipment manufacturing in the fields of wind power, hydropower, nuclear waste treatment, biomass power generation and other green energy equipment manufacturing fields R & D, manufacturing, and strive to achieve sustainable and healthy development, and bring better returns to all shareholders in the next decade!

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