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Deputy General Manager Mr. Tian Chen of Group company visited Tongyu Heavy Industry for research and exchange

       On December 1st, Tian Chen, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai Port Holding Group, and other 4 people of  group company visited Tongyu Heavy Industry to conduct research and exchanges on the production site and quality management.

       Accompanied by the company’s director and general manager Si Yong, executive deputy general manager Liao Mao, and deputy general manager Liu Zhiqing, the investigation team visited the company’s forging factory, heavy processing, wind power equipment modularization and other production sites. The company’s deputy general manager Liu Zhiqing Make a key report on the company's wind power equipment modularization.

       After the on-site visit, the two sides held discussions and exchanges closely around the work of “enhancing site safety and promoting quality management improvement”. Executive Deputy General Manager Mr.Liao reported in detail the company's current quality management and system operation, production management and on-site 7S management.

       General Manager Mr.Tian of the group company fully affirmed and recognized Tongyu Heavy Industry's quality system construction, safety management and system and process standardization, and pointed out that the research team should fully study the Tongyu Heavy Industry system construction and standardized management process, and implement the principle of "day by day", resolutely do a good job in project construction management.

       The head of the group company Mr.Tian with Mr.Si  have in-depth communication on safety production and quality management issues, and they agree that the company’s safety and quality management work requires the participation of all employees, and the participation of all employees should be further increased to form "Everyone stresses safety and everyone manages safety." From "want me to safety" to "I want security". Always emphasize security, everything is safe, ensure the safety production management work.

      Tongyu Heavy Industry Deputy Chief  Engineer Cao Zhiyong, Deputy Chief Engineer Liu Baogang, and Assistant General Manager Chen Taiyong participated in the discussion and exchange.

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