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Accelerate the integration of corporate cultures,Stimulate the vitality of enterprise evelopment

       To further strengthen the construction of corporate culture,Enhance employees' creativity, cohesion and centripetal force, On November 28th, 2020, Tongyu Heavy Industry held an enterprise management conference with the theme of "Accelerating the integration of enterprise culture and stimulating the vitality of enterprise development".

       A keynote speech on corporate culture was held by Gao Chunguang, director of enterprise Culture Center of Zhuhai Port Group, with the theme of "Unremitting self-improvement and social commitment".  Centering on the three core concepts of corporate culture of the group,  Gao used simple and comprehensive and wonderful stories, vividly interpreted the essence and connotation of zhuhai Port Group's corporate culture,and offered suggestions about the culture fusion of the two sides.

       Zhou Guoqiang, manager of Zhuhai Port Group Security Office, delivered a speech of "establishing responsibility in mind and fulfilling responsibility in action", including Fully implement the dual responsibilities of one post、How to prevent safety accidents、Achieving the long-term stability of the enterprise and Zhuhai Port Group Safety Policy。Zhou's speech further enhanced the safety consciousness and responsibility of the participants.

       Mr. Si Yong, general manager of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., conducted an exchange with the theme of "speed up corporate culture integration and stimulate corporate development vitality", and put forward a principle for the rapid integration of corporate culture and suggested three ways to implement it. Mr. Si emphasized that the integration of corporate culture is an important form and effective way for enterprises to optimize their structure, accelerate development and improve competitiveness. The success of culture integration depends not only on the integrated state of capital and resource, but also more on the degree of corporate culture integration between the company and the group.  He also explained how to coordinate and solve the differences and conflicts of corporate culture in the process of corporate culture integration, so as to achieve the effect of "cultural integration 1+1=1" and "value creation 1+1>2".

       At the end of the meeting, Mr. Si Xingkui, the vice chairman of the company, had an exchange with everyone on the construction of human resources culture , which included in the corporate culture, and proposed to keep on the talents philosophy of "people-oriented, talent-based" and the management philosophy of "Management is not about changing people's shortcomings, but using people's strengths ". We need to cultivate and fully play people's strengths, and strive to build a professional team. Through continuous innovation of the team, 100% coverage of planning, and 100% execution, it will empower the enterprise in its long-term development.

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