Dezhou investigation group supporting High-Quality Development of Private Economy visited Tongyu Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd



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Dezhou investigation group supporting High-Quality Development of Private Economy visited Tongyu Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd

        On the afternoon of November 15, the delegation of the Dezhou Municipal Conference on Supporting the High Quality Development of Private Economy, led by Chen Yong, Secretary of the Dezhou Municipal Committee, Chen Fei, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Dezhou Municipal Committee, came to Tongyu Heavy Industry to visit and guide the production line.
        Chairman Si Xingkui and General Manager Liu Dianshan made a report on the company's development and production and operation. With the concern and support of Dezhou and Yucheng municipal committees and municipal governments, Tongyu Heavy Industry adhered to the technology leadership and took the sustainable development road of green, energy-saving and environmental protection. It has developed into a collection of high-end equipment and manufacturing. A large enterprise group that integrates R& D and manufacturing of nuclear waste intelligent treatment equipment, clean energy project operation and cemented carbide R&D and production has become the national champion product of wind power spindle, and the net profit of its main business has increased by more than 30% for four consecutive years. Tongyu Heavy Industry has built a complete circular economy industry chain in the course of many years ‘development, and realized the recycling of renewable resources. In 2018, Tongyu Heavy Industry was rated as a green factory by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
        Secretary Chen Yong fully affirmed Tongyu Heavy Industry's development achievements, industrial prospects, development concepts and technological innovation. It also encourages enterprises to continue to strengthen and excel around their main industries, seize the opportunity for the state to vigorously support the development of private economy, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, reduce costs, increase benefits and create brands through innovation, and accelerate the promotion of enterprise quality, efficiency and transformation and upgrading. Tongyu Heavy Industry will seize the opportunity of this work conference to support the high-quality development of private economy in the whole city and make great efforts to make positive contributions to the economic development of the whole city.

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