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Tongyu is selected in “The Third Batch of National Green Manufacturing List”

       Recently, the National Ministry of Industry and Information published “The Third Batch of Green Manufacturing List””, and Tongyu Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. won the title of “Green Factory”.
       The purpose of the selection and public of “The Third Batch of Green Manufacturing List” is implement the ‘Industrial Green Development planning 2016-2020’ and ‘Implementation Guide of Green Manufacturing Project 2016-2020’, and continue to build the green manufacturing advanced model, leading the green transformation for related field industry, accelerate to push the development of green manufacturing system.
       During the development process, Tongyu insists on the concept of sustainable growth of green development, environmentally friendly, circular economy, building the perfect green manufacturing system. This time, Tongyu is awarded the title of “Green Factory”, which is the affirmation of Tongyu to insist on the green development concept and innovation-driven production. Tongyu will grasp this opportunity, and further promote the application of green manufacturing technology, developing the green manufacturing technology, increasing the resource and energy utilization rate, implement the green and low-carbon circular development.
序号 省市 工厂名称 第三方评价机构名称
212 山东 泰安圣奥化工有限公司 山东亚华低碳科技有限公司
213 山东 山东润德生物科技有限公司 山东亚华低碳科技有限公司
214 山东 通裕重工股份有限公司 山东亚华低碳科技有限公司
215 山东 西王金属科技有限公司 北京国金衡信认证有限公司
216 山东 德州兴豪皮业有限公司 山东亚华低碳科技有限公司
217 山东 泰山玻璃纤维邹城有限公司 济宁市节能技术服务中心
218 山东 齐鲁制药有限公司 济南杰易达能源发展有限公司
219 山东 山东新华制药股份有限公司 山东鲁源节能认证技术工程有限公司
220 山东 鸿富泰精密电子(烟台)有限公司 江西省科学院能源研究所
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