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Tongyu heavy industry co., LTD., successfully passed the technical appraisal of 2.25 Cr- 1Mo-0.25 V steel hydrogenation reactor

       Tongyu Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as "company") got a 《Letter of opinion on technical appraisal of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 's "2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V  steel hydrogenation reactor forgings》from China Promotion Association for Special Equipment safety and energy-Saving (China Special Promotion Letter No.[2018]130)and 《Technology results appraisal certificate》(China Special Promotion appraisal No[2018] 02).The company R & d  “2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V Steel hydrogenation reactor forgings” by themselves have through the technology appraisal of  China Promotion Association for Special Equipment safety and energy-Saving successfully.
       This technology appraisal meeting helded by China Promotion Association for Special Equipment safety and energy-Saving at Yucheng Shandong on Oct.20th 2018.Appraisal Committee visited company’s manufacturing site, and listened the status of 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V Steel hydrogenation reactor forgings and inspection reports of China Special Equipment Testing Research Institute and usage evaluation instructions of users, and then they questioned and talked about relative questions.
The general manager accompanied the experts to visit the manufacturing site
Technical appraisal conference site
       Experts of appraisal committee agrees unanimously, The company has strong production facilities and technological equipment, quality assurance system is perfect, manufacturing technology is reasonable and feasible; The developed forgings have uniform chemical composition, high purity, normal temperature and high temperature strength, good plasticity and temper brittleness, indicating that Tonyu heavy industry has mastered the process of smelting, forging, heat treatment and manufacturing technology of "2.25 Cr-1Mo-0.25 V  steel forgings", and has ability to product the manufacturing of hydrogenation reactor barrel and take-over forgings. The developed "2.25 Cr-1Mo-0.25 V steel hydrogenation reactor forgings" has excellent technical indexes and reached the advanced level of the same industry. It is of great significance to improve the level of energy equipment in China.
Product manufacturing process
       The company independently developed "2.25 Cr-1Mo-0.25 V steel hydrogenation reactor of forging" through the technical evaluation shows that the company has mastered the "2.25 Cr-1Mo-0.25 V  steel forgings" smelting, forging, heat treatment process and manufacturing technology, has ability to product the hydrogenation reactor cylinder, control of the manufacture of forgings, will further promote pressure vessel forging products of the company's market development, It helps to adjust the product structure and improve the core competitiveness.

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