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Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Entered “top100 Enterprises For New And Hi-tech Industry’’.

       An announcement for TOP100 of New and Hi-Tech Enterprises, on 9th of July, 2018, in Jinan, was jointly-sponsored by Information Research Institute of Shandong Academy Of Sciences, statistical analysis and research center of Shandong Sciences and Technologies, Institute of Science and Technology Development of Shandong. Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. entered and ranged the list.
      This is the first time in Shandong Province for the selection and publishment for TOP100 New and Hi-Tech Enterprises. Comprehensive evaluation for these enterprises includes the in-put, out-put and performance of the abilities for innovation.  


      R&D and new-tech innovation is always playing important roles during the development of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. since the commence of its production in 1991. R&D and innovation of new -tech and products、upgrade of the production facilities and equipment、 further optimization of manufacturing process、improvement of production and technique become the significant pillars for the sustainable development of Tongyu.
      More than 350 million RMB has been invested for R&D from the year of 2012 to 2017 in Tongyu. Thanks to the investments and efforts, tubes with the quality of 12Cr2Mo1V for hydrogenation reactor、rotors for generator of 300-thousand Kw、rings with large-diameters、new-techniques for normalization by water-cooling、equipment innovation for spraying and quenching with variable diameters、 CNC machining techniques for saw-tooth thread with coarse pitch、Forging techniques for variable-diameter tubes、techniques for tube plate were completed at Tongyu’s end. Competitiveness and market share has been being improved year by year with R&D and innovation, with cost-saving and with Industrial -Structure Regulation& Upgrading. It is reported that, since the year of 2014, this is the fourth time of increasing by 30% for Tongyu’s main business.

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