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The third congress of Chinese Communist of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd was successfully held

On June 30, 2018, the third congress of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd Was successfully held, and 128 party members from the company's party committee and eight party branches attended the meeting.



Secretary of the party committee Mr.Si xingkui, on behalf of the second party committee of the company, made the work report to the congress , "grasping the party building, strong foundation and promoting the healthy development of enterprises". Report reviewed the second around the economic construction to grasp the party, strengthen party committee politics theoretical study, such as strengthening the party's style of the cultivation of clean government's achievements, the main experience and shortcomings, and put forward the company goal and basic task of the party organization the next five years.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the party constitution, the general assembly elected the third committee of the communist party of China Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., consisting of Si xingkui, Liu dianshan, Liu yuhai, Liang jifeng, Li song, Jiao lianliang and Liu cuihua. At the first meeting of the third committee of the communist party of China of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Mr.Si xingkui was elected secretary of the party committee and Mr. Liu dianshan was elected deputy secretary of the party committee. Newly elected secretary Mr. Si xingkui made important speech, called on all the party members and employees of the company to be led by the spirit of nineteen, don't forget to beginner's mind and the mission of communists, centered on the production and business operation, broad worker is yearning for a better life forever as the goal. We will make greater contributions to economic and social development by strengthening the party's foundation, promoting efficient and healthy development of production and management.

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