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Tongyu Heavy Industry held a speech contest entitled “Three·eight Lectures on Filial Piety and Plasticity”

In order to further promote the fine tradition of respecting the elderly and respecting the elderly, and give full play to the role of female employees in the construction of a harmonious family and harmonious enterprise, according to the requirements of the company's "Implementation Plan for Organizing the "Family Style Filial Piety" Traditional Cultural Education Activities", March 6 In the afternoon, the company's trade union held a speech contest for women workers to celebrate the "three · eight lectures on filial piety and family style". The 12 contestants selected from different levels explained the profound meaning of family filial piety from different angles. More than 170 employees were present to listen to the game. .
After fierce competition and wonderful speeches, 12 players finally won the first prizes by Liu Peipei and Zhang Chunhuan; Wang Cui, Li Yuliang, Gao Jingjing and Zhang Xinhuan won the second prize; Sun Liyan, Wang Junmei, Wei Shaozhen, An Mingming, Si Lihuan, Che Xin Won the third prize.
The company's leaders attached great importance to the development of the competition. Li Song, the company's deputy general manager, summed up the competition and awarded awards to the first-class employees. He also eagerly expected the female workers to do the model of filial piety construction, family building and family virtues. model. After listening to the competition, the participants expressed their willingness to practice the moral qualities of respecting the elderly and filial piety, and to deliver positive energy for the harmonious development of society.









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