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Testing Center

Our testing center has been approved by CNAS, with area of 1000 square meters, and all kinds of testing equipments more than 50 sets. The testing  center consists of 4 types of labs: nondestructive test laboratory, chemical  composition analysis laboratory, mechanical properties laboratory, and  metallographic analysis laboratory.

So far, our testing center has over 50 employees, and 6 of them have master’s degree, 12 of them are bachelors, 12 of them graduates from vocational colleges. This testing center has all types of testing facilities, equipments and instruments over 80 sets. Such as, ARL 3460/4460 spectrum, made in Swiss, LECO ONH836 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer, UV visible spectrophotometer, ICP-7000 inductive coupled plasma emission spectrometer, JB-300B swing hammer impact testing machine, ZBC2302-C  swing hammer impact testing, CMT5305 digital universal testing machine, WAW300C universal testing machine, CXRD eddy current flaw detection machine, SEM-EDS (scanning electron microscope - Energy Dispersive Spectrometer), HW-2000 infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, AXIO A1M Zeiss Universal Research Grade Headstand Material Microscope), AXIO A2M Zeiss Universal Research Grade Front Stand Material Microscope, Gleeble3500 THERMAL SIMULATION TESTING MACHINE, VP500 industrial video scope, USM35XS(GE ultrasonic detector), CEW-15000A magnetic particle testing machine, DA-400S portable magnetic powder flaw detector U.S, THL-260 Leed Hardness Tester, HRS-150 Hardness Tester, HB-3000 Hardness Tester, automatic grinding machine, automatic sample pneumatic transforming system.