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Tongyu employee Mr. Chaofeng Sun get the Honorary title of “Yucheng the Third most beautiful Youth”

2018-05-04   from:通裕重工

      Yucheng grandly hold the commemoration the 99 anniversary of " The May 4th  Movement"and “the most beautiful Youth”Recognition Conference in yucheng meeting center on 3rd May 2018.Mr.Chaofeng Sun our coampany emplowee was named “the most beautiful Youth”and then got honored recognition .

      Mr. Chaofeng Sun is an outstanding employee of our company forging plant,he is the section chef of forging plant,and he is mainly responsible for the quality of  products appearance. Mr. Chaofeng Sun  are always actively and seriously responsible for his work, his business level are solidy,and he have  stronger Executive force and consciousness of innovation ,he has the outstanding contribution in  forgings machining and Energy Saving and consumption reduction ect. 


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