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Mr. Qin Shidong and Mr.Liu Yongzhi from Tongyu win the honorary titles of “Experienced Workers” and “ Yucheng Craftsmen”

2018-04-28   from:通裕重工

        Mr. Qin Shidong  and  Mr.Liu Yongzhi  from  Tongyu  win  the honorary titles  of  “Experienced Workers”  and “ Yucheng  Craftsmen”. Tongyu was  honored  the  Advanced  unit of  Yucheng  for  its  excellent  Spirit. 

         Tongyu  is  proud  of  those  best  workers  and  employees  who totally  donated  their efforts   and  lifetime in  the past  a  few  of  years. With  the  development  of  Tongyu,  more and more workers  studied  and  worked  harder  to  guarantee  the enterprise  going  and  running  smoothly.
         Tongyu  regarded  Mr. Qin Shidong and  Mr. Liu Yongzhi  as  model of  Best  Employee, who will be followed  by  all  the  workers of  Tongyu.

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