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China National Erzhong and Tongyu Heavy “2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V steel hydrogenation reaction chamber top Manhole flange forgings ”evaluation meeting successful ending

2017-12-16   from:Tong yu Heavy

        15th,Dec.2017 ,Erzhong Group (Deyang)heavy equipment Co.,Ltd (abbreviation”China Erzhong”)with Tongyu Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd(abbreviation”Tongyu Heavy”)organized “2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V steel hydrogenation reaction chamber top Manhole flange forgings ”Evaluation meeting on Yucheng city Shandong,the meeting invent expert Fengchun Yin, Senior Engineer of China Sinopec Engineering Construction Co.,Ltd Huoran Ma,Assistant general engineer of East China Design Branch of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Company Yuhui Xie/Zhiyuan Xia,Assistant general engineer of Sinopec Guangzhou (Luoyang) Engineering Co., Ltd Weimin Guo/Qunsheng Li,engineer in charge of China world engineering co., Ltd Jie Yang,chief engineer of China petrochemical co., Ltd Maoming branch Shangbing Wu, vice general manager of Hengli Petrochemical ( Dalian ) Refining Co.,Ltd Xinwei Li/Yurui Jiao,vice general manager of Luoyang Ruiqi Petrochemical Engineering Co.,Ltd Liaolang Guo etc.industry experts  and China Erzhong nuclear power petrochemical industry Business Unit vice president Yingjun Wang /deputy director Qing Jin/senior engineer Junyi Du/engineer Li Liu /Tongyu Heavy Industry Co.,L td general manager Dianshan Liu /vice president Hongyun Ni/Jifeng Liang etc. 41 person attended the meeting.

         Along with the needs of hydrocracking and  hydrodesulfurization etc technology’s developing , light-end products demands are increasing,cracking refined of heavy crude oil,air conversation etc.they improved the core equipment of hydro-refining unit and hydrocracker--improvement and promotion of Hydrogenation reactor making technology and material upgrading,the demand for hydrogenation reactor forgings are rising greatly .forge welding hydrogenation reactor forgings only several heavy equipment companies can produce at inland ,because it’s high technology.Tongyu Heavy always looking for the right opportunity to enter into the petrochemical equipment forging market,China Erzhong also looking for the strength Hydro forging qualified supplier at inland for the matching problems of their middle and small forgings,after the technology communication with China Erzhong,Tongyu Heavy according to Hydrogenation forgings technology requirements of China Erzhong,after one year,they have researched super wall thickness hydrogenation reactor forgings successfully by themselves--manhole nozzle flange.China Erzhong involved designing institute and owner’s unit do the site inspection and technology review for the equipment capacity ,quality control ,production technology level etc.

       Tongyu Heavy general manager Dianshang Liu,vice general manager Hongyu Ni,Jifeng Liang etc.leaders accompanied these experts visited our company smelt,forging,heat treatment,heavy equipment machine etc.manufacture equipment and inspection equipment.

        In the production process of the manhole nozzle flange, we make sure that the product can be with uniform chemical composition, low content of harmful impurity elements, small sensitivity coefficient of temper embrittlement and low content of elements P&S which is much lower than the technical requirements, good control of inclusion index, high purity, by selecting strictly high quality material and controlling the steel making process. It takes LZ main deformation forging method and high temperature diffusion treatment for the forging blank in the forging process. By upsetting and stretching, anisotropy of product can be decreased and mechanical properties deviation on axial and tangential directionsis very small after heat treatment. For quality heat treatment, it takes low-temperature water cooling down process and stirring vigorously with propeller in the whole process to maximize the mechanical properties of the material and obtain tempered bainite on all positions of the product. The impact value is much higher than requirement. Tensile strength on 454℃ can reach min. 470MPa.

         In the meeting, the engineer from Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd reported the production process & process control & all of testing results for the manhole nozzle flange. At the same time, the engineer from nuclear petrochemical department of China National Erzhong Group also reported the procurement technical requirements & retesting results & data analysis & conclusion. After listening carefully to the detailed reports, all of specialists in the meeting agreed that Tongyu had a complete series of manufacturing equipments and testing equipments. The manhole nozzle flange on top of the hydrogenation reactor with dimension Φ1862/Φ952×H1590XT 455mm, which material is 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V, researched and produced by Tongyu meets all of requirements specified in document of 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V steel/medium and small forgings procurement technical conditions from China National Erzhong. The participating specialists also put forward some valuable suggestions on Tongyu’s further R&D project.
         Evaluation experts through visit and technology ask and inquiry,they consider that Tongyu Heavy have grasped the technology and manufacture technology of 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25Vsteel middle and small forgings smelt,forging,heat treatment,it can carry out the manufacture of Ⅲ、Ⅳclass middle and small forgings of huge hydrogenation reactor.the successful research of this product, it marks Tongyu Heavy have hold the capacity of mating huge hydrogenation reactor middle and small forgings for China Erzhong.Tongyu Heavy will continue to take the company spirit of ”honesty,conscientiousness,innovation,win-win”,further rise research and management level by this evaluation meeting right opportunity,and make more and bigger contribution for the developing of our country Petrochemical equipment industry.


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