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Contact Us:
  • HR:Mr. Liang Jifeng、Mr. Qin Jianjun
  • Tel:0534-7520680
  • Fax:0534-7287789 Zip Code:251200
  • Address:Yucheng, Shandong Province, China
Position: Domestic trade salesman
Required: 5
Degree: Bachelor degree master
Majors in: Marketing, mechanical or metal materials related
Place of work: yucheng
Valid until: 

Apply for qualifications:

1, bachelor degree or above, major in English (cet 6 or above) German, French, Japanese (level 4 or above) and machinery, metal material engineering

2, more than one year working experience in foreign trade, have working experience in foreign company is preferred

3, familiar with foreign trade business process, with solid foundation in foreign trade professional knowledge, strong foreign language writing and oral English ability, good communication, implementation and negotiation skills, can work under pressure

Company profile:

1, provide free accommodation 2, pay five risks a gold 3, double cease, enjoy the national legal holiday 4, the annual salary of 40000 yuan of above.