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Technical R&D

The company established a provincial enterprise technology center, an engineering technology research center and engineering lab, possesses 5 national key new products, 24 patent rights, and wins 13 items of scientific and technological achievements at or above the provincial level. The independently researched and manufactured 12000-ton free forging hydraulic press, realize six innovations in our country on the basis of the big press design techniques, 2 patents of which fill the world gaps, and expert evaluate its comprehensive technology reaches the international advanced level. The company successfully developed AP1000 nuclear power main pipe with ultra-low carbon control nitrogen stainless steel 316LN large ESR ingot, the heaviest up to 83 tons, solves AP1000 nuclear power main electric slag ingot localization problem, and rapidly realize industrialization producing, providing key material to nuclear power equipment manufacturers such as China First Heavy Industries, China Second Heavy Industries, etc. for coming into the third generation nuclear power field, and promoting the construction pace of our country to third generation of nuclear power. The independently researched and developed F91 large forging tee is an important component of ultra-supercritical generating, and for the first time it is equipped with Huaneng Zuoquan Supercritical Power Plant in Shanxi, breaks the situation of long-term dependence on imported situation, opening a new way in energy construction.