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The company owns two sets of EAF (50t100t), three sets of L F (50t, 100t), three sets of VD/VOD furnaces(50t, 100t), 10 sets of Vacuum pouring equipments from 50 tons to 450 t , max single ingot is 450 t, the adjustable special steel water cold slab casting equipment, max steel slab is 75 t, and six sets of single-phase and three-phase ESR furnaces of 20t, 30t, 40t, max ESR ingot is 80t.

  • 50t LF Ladle Refining

  • 150t VD, VOD Vacuum Degassing

  • 100t ladle pouring car

The company owns six sets of ESR Furnaces including 20t,30t,40t single-phase furnaces and three-phase ESR furnaces,In them, the 30t ESR furnace is three-phase double arms single smelting position extracting single type CNC ESR furnace, this equipment is in the domestic leading level. We have excellent melting team, rich melting experience and sophisticated equipments, the qualities of our products are definitely reliable. We can manufacture ESR ingots ranging in weight from 3 ton/pc to 80 ton/pc, and there are various kinds of materials including low-carbon high alloy steel, vessel steel, cold roller steel, rotor steel, steel used in nuclear power station, stainless steel and etc. In the May of 2010, we successfully melted the Chinese first piece of large ESR ingot used for AP1000 nuclear power main piping.

  • 40T Three-phase ESR Furnace

  • 20T Three-phase ESR Furnace

The company owns the leading domestic level 120MN Forging Press with a 450T manipulator, a 550T forging crane, realizing digital combination of forging Press and manipulator. Tongyu owns two sets of forging presses of 3150T, 5000T,12000T and a 6000T press for manufacturing crankshafts in building. Annual forging production capacity is 180000 t.



  • 120MN Open die forging press

  • 3150tOpen die forging press

  • 450t.m Manipulator
Heat treatment

The company owns 13 sets of Car-bottom Furnaces(3m×25m6m×15m7m×10m), 13 sets of Vertical Furnaces(φ3.2×19mφ2.6×30m),1 set of bell heat treatment furnace1 set of Large double frequency quenching machine and other ancillary equipments,2 sets of CNC hydraulic straightening machine(25MN&30 MN). Annual output capacity reaches 115000 t .



  • Hydrogenation reactor tube sec

  • 2.328mVertical furnace

The company owns more than 320 sets of Heavy machining equipments, such as five axis linkage NC-Planer Milling machining center(6m×20m) and the  four axis linkage CNC Floor Boring and milling machining center(w260, w200,w160) made by Italy PAMA, XKA2850×160 CNC gantry boring and milling machine, W250HC.NCW200HC.NCDouble column machine made by Czekh SKOD, W200HC.NC CNC floor boring and milling machine, HTIII450×18/350-NC CNC horizontal lathe,CK61450×15/160 CNC horizontal lathe, CKD52100E×60/300 CNC double column vertical lathe, CK61315×20/125 Heavy duty horizontal car boring machine, MK84300×18/250 CNC roll grinder machine, T21260×20/160 deep hole drilling and boring machine etc. ,can finish the, boring, milling, planing, grinding, slotting, drilling and other processing procedures.



  • XKA2850160 Gate boring and m

  • GMB2560 CNC Gate boring and mi

  • CD5280E50 CNC Double column

The company has 56000 O of the leading domestic steel production line which can produce special steel castings, including large-scale carbon steel, alloy steelstainless steel. Max steel casting is 400t. The advanced iron resin sand production line, intermediate frequency induction electric furnaces with melting capacity of 60 t, 20 t, 10 t, for producing all kinds of gray iron, ductile iron, vermicular iron, alloy iron and anti-wear, corrosion, heat resisting iron casting, typical brand includes HT350QT400-18QT350-22ALQT800-2RuT420 , cast of Cr-Mo-Cu& P-Cr series.Max casting is 150 t.

  • 60TMedium frequency induction

  • 60tSand mixer

  • Casting heavy-duty lathe cast

Equipped with welding facilities such as double wire narrow gap submerged arc welding machine, inner hole welder, CNC flame cutting machine etc., the company can fabricate general purpose or nonstandard parts weldments and equipments according to requirements.

  • HSS-300350 Submerged arc weldi